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FasTLock Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ecoplus Systems can assist with project specific seismic ceiling design calculations which will provide your building project with a high quality, versatile and performance tested suspended ceiling system.

Pont Consultants Ltd has been engaged by Ecoplus Systems to prepare a seismic design manual ensuring that installation of FasTLock Suspended Ceiling Grid will meet the requirements of clause B1 of the New Zealand Building Code with respect to seismic design.

FasTLock features Seismic Perimeter and Seismic Expansion Clips which allow the grid system to expand and contract during seismic activity coupled with integrated connection flukes on all main runner and cross tee components. These important safety features provide a high level of connection strength and shear load capability, creating a stronger more durable grid system, particularly when subjected to abnormal stress or loading.

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